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Dandie Derby 2022

The Dandie Derby is an annual fun event held to promote the Dandie Dinmont Terrier breed. Usually around 70 dogs attend the races. The Derby is back at The Haining, Selkirk for 2022. This year we're celebrating 'Old Ginger's 180th birthday. 'Old Ginger' was born at The Haining on June 4th 1842 and every Dandie Dinmont on earth today can trace their breeding back through their male line to him.

Dandie Dinmonts are 'rare breed' terriers from the Scottish Borders.  A keen Dandie Dinmont terrier owner himself, Sir Walter Scott named the breed in his 1815 novel Guy Mannering (previously they'd always been referred to as 'mustards' and 'peppers').  Once very popular, dandies gradually fell out of fashion and now, along with many other traditional breeds, they are on the Kennel Club's Native Vulnerable Breeds list. 

Races start at 2pm. There are 4 classes leading to semi finals and finals:

OPEN - Run Dandie, run!

NOVICE - Not sure what they might do...

PUPPY - Those cheeky young pups can get away with anything!

VETERAN - They might fall asleep on the start gate or wander off?

On the day we will also have craft stalls on site and refreshments will be available. We look forward to seeing you, and be prepared to be won over by these characterful little dogs!


The Haining, Selkirk