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Scott’s life and stories have a rich association with many places across Scotland and further afield. Explore some of those sites on our interactive map.


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Mousa Broch

A seasick Walter Scott wrote the poem, Mousa's Castled Coast, offshore from Mousa in 1814.

That summer, aged 43, Scott embarked on a voyage around Scotland’s coast, keeping a daily log of the journey. He sailed on the Lighthouse Yacht with the Commissioners of the Northern Lights.
Visiting Mousa, Scott gave a precise description of its measurements and described it as ‘a Pictish fortress, the most entire probably in the world’. While musing on its history, his group re-boarded their vessel as ‘the wind freshens and becomes contrary’. Sea-sick travellers to Shetland may relate to his experience.   

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Island of Mousa, Shetland