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Scott’s life and stories have a rich association with many places across Scotland and further afield. Explore some of those sites on our interactive map.


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North Castle Street

After the birth of his second child, also named Walter, Scott moved his family into a house on 39 North Castle Street. This spacious home remained as Scott’s Edinburgh residence until the financial disaster and his near-bankruptcy in 1826.

On the last time Scott leaves North Castle Street he writes in his journal:

“March 15. - This morning I leave No. 39 Castle Street for the last time. "The cabin was convenient", and habit had made it agreeable to me. I never reckoned upon a change in this particular so long as I held an office in the Court of Session. In all my former changes of residence it was from good to better; this is retrograding. I leave this house for sale, and I cease to be an Edinburgh citizen, in the sense of being a proprietor, which my father and I have been for sixty years at least. So farewell, poor 39, and may you never harbour worse people than those who now leave you. ... "