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Scott’s life and stories have a rich association with many places across Scotland and further afield. Explore some of those sites on our interactive map.


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The Haining

The Haining Selkirk is home to the Old Ginger Dandie Dinmont Terrier statue and kennel. Old Ginger was created by Alexander Stoddart following a fund raising initiative organised by Dandie Dinmont Terrier enthusiasts. Alexander Stoddart has been the Queen's Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland since 2008. "Old Ginger" was born at The Haining on June 4th 1842 and today every Dandie Dinmont Terrier can trace its breeding back through its male line to "Old Ginger". "Old Ginger" was the offspring of "Old Pepper", a dog caught in a trap and rescued by a gamekeeper at nearby Bowhill House.

Dandie Dinmont Terriers are amongst the oldest and rarest of dog breeds. The breed originates from the Scottish Borders and is on the UK Kennel Club's Vulnerable Native Breeds list. The Haining Kennels are unique in being the only fully traceable founding kennels of a dog breed in the world.

On the first Saturday in June each year The Dandie Derby takes place. This is an informal social event for Dandie owners and on average 70 Dandies attend. The terriers race in four lanes set up in the grounds in front of The Haining. The event was featured on ITV’S Secret Life of Dogs in 2017.

The Haining is a country house and estate close the centre of  Selkirk. The present house dates from the 1790s. In 2009, the house and grounds were bequeathed to the people of Selkirkshire and the wider public. The Haining Charitable Trust is now working on developing the building as a centre for exhibitions and events, highlighting art, culture and history. 

The estates are under going renovations and there are several paths around the estate and a walk around the Loch.

The Haining House Selkirk TD7 5LR